CBDistillery CBD oil Review

CBDistillery – CBD oil review

Want to find a vendor who can source you high quality and affordable CBD oil product? If you have answered no then CBDistillery is not for your answer was yes then keep reading. CBDistillery is a well-established vendor from whom you can purchase different types of oil and choose from a wide scale of potency range to match up with your needs.  The CBDistillery consists of a group of people who originated from Colorado, and their teams of people firmly believe in delivering quality checked CBD hemp to supply for their consumers health needs.

Their teams’ ethical behavior which is applied even during the product manufacturing stage is what makes them stand out among other vendors. The have made sure to maintain a stable environment in which the raw ingredients are harvested without any polluting footprint so this assures a guilt free product experience for the consumer.

Their resources

Their land, the way the methods in which they extract their product can be said as CBDistillery biggest resource, because for a high-quality CBD product both the soil in which the plant is harvested and the process in which they that raw ingredients are converted to final products instigates a greater product experience and impact. Their awareness of this has made them maintain a clean soil without any toxins, which has a high chance of entering the hemp if not removed beforehand and they are grown in a natural ambience so there is no interference from pesticides or artificial light and well stabilized extraction method which makes sure the plant is properly handled before the extraction and process and later on proper check is done to remove other toxins from the oil. To guarantee the quality their products are not tested at the home front but by a third party who can give a trustworthy result which is later posted.

Their brand image which has inspired trust among many consumers can be considered as their another priced resource, due to them being in the CBD business for a longer time than most vendors they know what exactly their consumers are expecting from them, so they have a wide range of product types and potency levels which factors in mixed individual’s needs.  They offer both full spectrum and isolate products. Their pricing scale makes it more affordable for its customers.

CBDistillery: Their Journey

It was said that CBDistillery was started by a team of Colorado natives in the year 2016 under Balanced Health Botanicals but they have travelled a long way from there to a well-established provider of CBD products such as CBD oil, tincture, vapes, gummies and even a wider range of pet products in United States of America. This organization drive to reach out to a large customer base with their product as well to convey the positive impact of CBD on people’s health has brought them so far into being known as trustworthy and recommended CBD vendor.

According to many online reviews it is clearly understood that CBDistillery is not making any false claims on their products reputation, they do supply what they promised.  They have even launched a movement called “CBD movement” to create awareness about this product and what and how it can be used and for what it can be used. They now supply to all 50 states of USA not only that they have strong group of individuals as part of their team who take care of  the manufacturing to the marketing and sales forefront, the attention given to each detail has been a fodder for the growing reputation of the company. Through their development and work they are not known as suppliers of CBD but also as organization who have brought new revolutionary changes to the world of CBD. Their organizations attitude l towards the community and people has procured them a leadership position in this field.

What CBDistillery has to offer with their CBD oil product?

CBDistillery does not offer only products but service as well, they are not just a usual retailer, and they are a movement. They offer consumers a lot from both by providing them with a product and a remarkable experience. These products are manufactured with keeping their consumers health in mind and with every product they offer transparency of the product and the usage.

Manufacturing process:

CBDistillery are very much aware on how much this process plays on the final outcome of the product and that is the reason every aspect of the process is given equal importance and care, they have invested in high quality machines, researches to derive the most efficient scientific formulas which support the products success with its consumers.

Toxin free soil:

The Hemp plants are grown in a toxin free soil, which is important due to the hemp plant properties, has way of observing toxins present in a soil, so the soil is well tested before they start sowing. This purification of soil before sowing the plant makes sure the toxins are not carried in the oil which may have an adverse effect on the user.

Natural environment:

The plant is exposed to natural light and is grown without much interference from chemical substance but this does not assure that the product is produced in an organic way. Since this harvesting process does demand constant interference from mankind, a pure organic route couldn’t be taken but CBDistillery has tried to keep this interference as minimal as possible.

High quality extraction method:

CO 2 extracted oil:

CBDistillery uses the most expensive and effective extraction machine to provide its customer with high quality CBD oil products, they don’t mind spending if the end result is satisfied customers. They use the Co2 extraction where the oil is extracted through a high pressure extraction process. This method makes the oil much more pure in nature than other methods so it is highly recommended for the customer to go for Co2 extracted oil. Even though they are high priced, that is the price that has to be paid for high quality. This is their main extraction method when it comes to extracting CBD oil.

Ethanol extraction method:

This ethanol extraction method is another common Chemical method which is used in the extraction of CBD oil; this method is also effective as the other method. This method has a benefit of removing toxin from the dried hemp due to the ethyl alcohol involved in this process.

CBD Oil properties:

The CBD oil which is manufactured in CBDistillery has many winning properties, one being they use the full plant which has all the extracts which increases its effectiveness. Most of their CBD Hemp oil is full spectrum oil; they do have isolates as well for consumers who prefer the pure oil with lesser cannabinoids.

Wide range of product:

They do have a wide range of product for different consumer needs; this product range is not only varied in properties but also in the size and potency as well. It is best recommended that the consumer experiments with both types of products before choosing the right CBD oil for them. Their full spectrum CBD oil ranges from 250 mg to 5000 mg, beginners of CBD oil are recommended to first try out with the lowest mg before moving up in range.

Quality Assurance:

CBDistillery provides its customers with a great assurance due to them being very forthcoming in communicating with their customers regarding their whole process and their quality check results. Their product is tested by authorized third parties but in today’s world every CBD vendor claims the same which makes it not so unique but CBDistillery goes an extra mile by posting the results of each product online for the consumer to view before purchase.

CBDistillery’s CBD oil characteristics:

Due to unique methods in which each vendor prepares their CBD oil, they do have some unique characteristics which make it stand out from other products in the market. CBDistillery is no different; its CBD oil has its own unique characteristics surrounding them right from its taste, effects and cost factors.


The taste differs from full spectrum to isolate and the dosage level.  The CBD Oil sold by CBDistillery does not have any artificial flavors to make it taste like mint, chocolate or other food flavors because the vendor wanted to keep the product as natural as possible and its natural essence makes it easier to blend in with food for consumption if necessary. Even without the artificial flavors it can be said that the oil does not taste bad, it carries the natural taste of hemp.  Stronger the dosage, more intense  the taste is.


The effect of CBD oil is based on the dosage taken and properties of the dosage, is your full spectrum or isolate. The full spectrum oil will have a stronger effect due to it containing mixtures of many cannabinoids than isolate. The beginner is advised to take a smaller dosage so that they don’t experience a stronger intense effect. The effect may also vary based on the individual so it is best to consult a doctor before taking the right dosage.

Health Benefits:

The CBD oil produced by CBDistillery has no added flavor which makes it much more effective when even taken in a smaller dosage; they give much more relief and focus to mind in a short period of time compared to product benefits of other vendors in the market. This CBD oil has the properties of benefitting both mind and body.


Potency check is very important before consuming, it is said that the potency differs based on the product and its properties. CBDistillery’s CBD oil is THC free and its full spectrum oil are mixed with coconut oil. One ml of their CBD oil is said to contain a potency of 167mg. Their full transparency system helps the customer to be aware of the right potency they should take and are taking.


The cost can be said to high compared to other but that is because of high quality it provides. CBDistillery has made sure that it hasn’t charged its customers more than what the product demands; they have made sure to charge a fair price. The lower the potency range, lower the cost is.

250mg- $20

500mg- $35




Due to the high quality extraction method has made the products cost much more higher when compared with other vendors. Their chemical free product gives out much more potency so most of the consumers need not shell out more money for higher mg to avail to higher potency product if not necessary.


CBDistillery follows a fast shipping or delivery process, and many customers do agree that CBDistillery’s shipping process is quick. Even though they do not provide free shipping service, there is chance of you receiving a discount if your purchase is worth $75 or more. Their shipping process is tracked using the USPS method. The cost of shipping is much higher if it comes through priority mail. On a side note their shipping is confined to the geographic location of 50 states in United States of America due to the legal laws.


From the above information it can be assured that CBDistillery ranks as one of the best vendors of CBD oil. They give utmost importance to their customers and they believe they deserve the best quality services which can be provided by them. Their high quality policy is not followed with a particular product aspect but it extends to all characteristics such as cost, benefits, customers awareness and also when it comes to the transparency they maintain with their consumers. It can be said their high transparency is one of their competitive advantage. Their CBD oil is made in a natural way as possible which reduces the chances of harmful side effects among its users. Altogether they have a great reputation among its customers which makes their product much more trustworthy and effective which makes them a reputable brand in the CBD industry.

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