Best CBD Oil for Diabetes: Type 1 & 2

CBD oil for diabetes: will it work for type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Will CBD work for Diabetes? Maybe not yet as per the research conducted with animals had shown that CBD has alters the insulin level and activates an immunomodulatory process to prevent the disease. Are you looking to buy cbd oil for diabetes? its never too late, just know CBD oil for diabetes works before buying one.

As per this study in the rat’s body by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam CBD oil for diabetes can cure the type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Are you confused on whether to use CBD oil for Types 2 diabetes or Type 1? If so, you can find the best answers right here.

Thousands of year ago Cannabis has been practiced as a medicinal herb in many cultures. This medicinal herb is once again reaching its position as a medicine used for healing. There are many scientific types of research going on in this medicinal herb and so far,

Finally, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam CBD discovered that Cannabidiol a chemical compound which has been extracted from the Cannabis plant can be used to treat Diabetes.

Here is the presentation of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam about his CBD oil research, He is explaining about the CBD oil benefits for diabetes.

Also, This CBD oil is not only used for Type 2 diabetes but also some other disease like atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil benefit the immune system, sugar metabolism, cell growth, and heart function.

Your mind may be filled with questions like how CBD oil works for diabetes? how much cbd oil should you take for diabetes? how to use it? is there any side effects? is cbd oil good for diabetes? and where to buy cbd oil for diabetes? In the following, I will provide answers to all your question after a thorough analysis.

Anyway, this is a proven study but still, it’s not proven with the human body. In addition, FDA does approve any type of CBD oil for diabetes. But many people who have taken CBD oil for their type 1 and type 2  diabetes say that they could feel the positive difference in their diabetic condition.

What is Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

Before knowing the benefits of CBD oil for diabetes, Let’s know about type 1 and type 2 diabetes in case you are new to this concept.

Type 1 Diabetes

type 1 diabetes in children

Only a minor percentage of people suffer from this kind of diabetes. This diabetes generally occurs in children. Diabetes causes trouble by generating insulin, which affects the cells by the immune system of the body.

Type 2 Diabetes
type 2 diabetes in adults

It is the most common type of diabetes which occurs to a major percentage of people in adulthood. This diabetes causes trouble by utilizing insulin, which occurs because of weight, age, activity levels, sugar intake, and genetics. It is also called insulin resistance

Insulin is very important for the cells as it absorbs glucose, and without glucose, the cells cannot produce energy.

Working of CBD oil for Diabetes Type 1 & 2?

By the above-mentioned points, we can clearly see that getting and utilizing the proper level of insulin is the major trouble point which causes diabetes both types.

We know about CBD’s benefits in the anti-inflammatory. And there is a study shows the insulin resistance and chronic inflammation connection.

The researchers believe that while intaking CBD oil it will automatically reduce the inflammation, once the inflammation got reduced the cardiovascular system and immune system will start work normally again.

Once the above process stage is getting clear in the body your body will start the normal insulin production and utilizing process and the diabetics will be getting decreased.

This is how CBD oil works for both the types of diabetes!

Note: This is still a belief of the researchers, not the exact study output or real proof.

In some cases, instead of providing direct results, CBD oil benefits in many stages like preventing it, prevent the Obesity, treating neuropathy, skin complications speed healing. Here is the short note about this.

We will know the above uses in the following paragraph.

What is the CBD oil dosage for diabetes?

what are the cbd oil dosage for diabetesWell, it is pretty much common to question ” How how much cbd oil should I take for diabetes?” This will lead you to know what amount of CBD that you are going to take and how it will benefit you. After choosing the best CBD oil in the market, you can pick up the best or preferable cbd oil dosage for your diabetes.

As far as my research, there is no standard dosage strength of cbd approved for type 1&2 diabetes. As the best cbd dosage will differ with each person according to their immune system and interaction between the compounds. It also based on the manufactures. The reason is each manufactures component will vary!

So, by carefully looking into their cbd oil dosage chart or label, you can get an idea and make a wise decision in finalizing the CBD oil dosage for any type of diabetes.

Otherwise, you have to check their suitable dosage on their own.

[Recommended Tips: You can check your own CBD oil dosage based on your BMI level. For example, every 10 pounds you can take 10mg of CBD dosage for diabetes]

Who can use CBD oil for diabetes?

People who are having type 1 and type 2 diabetes can use CBD oil.

Taking CBD oil in a recommended dosage may minimize the diabetes symptoms and lead them to continue their healthier life.

But I always suggest you check with your doctor before starting the treatments.

Ways to take CBD for Diabetes type 1 and type 2

There are 5 different ways we can use CBD hemp oil for diabetes which is mentioned below.

  • Diabetes Cure
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Obesity Treatment
  • Neuropathy Treatment
  • Skin complications healing

FAQ on cbd for type 1 & 2 diabetes

Here I provide answers to the frequently asked questions on the internet in terms of CBD oil for diabetes.

In what way CBD oil cure diabetes?

We know by reducing the inflammation it will increase the insulin protection and utilizing. By this easily this cures diabetes.

How CBD oil prevents diabetes?

This five-year study result shows that people who are regularly using CBD hemp oil had a faster insulin level when compared with the people who are not consumed it.

Do CBD oil has the power to treat obesity?

Will CBD oil have the power to treat obesityYes, but it is still arguable. Because CBD works as an appetite suppressant, So, you’re in control on gaining the wait. This is how it works for Obesity. Also, this study stated that CBD may work for the fat browning process.

In short: Obesity is the major cause for both types of diabetes.

Does CBD help in the Neuropathy treatment?

By this study, you can come to know that CBD oil has the power to get prevent pain from the Neuropathy.

Researchers believe this is the main cause for cbd oil benefits for diabetes and it’s effectiveness in the Neuropathy treatment.

How CBD oil helps skin complications healing?

While CBD cure from the diabetes symptoms it will heal the many skin complications like general discomfort, burning, and itching.

Not only Diabetes!

CBD oil will treat the 360-degree symptom of Diabetes symptoms from the prevention to additional issues too!

How to take the CBD oil for diabetes effectively?

How to take the CBD oil for diabetesThe best administration for diabetes is under the tongue method. But if you are the person who hates the taste of CBD, I have given alternative methods to take CBD for diabetes.

  • Use mint
  • Brush before using CBD
  • Breath through the nose
  • Use a sugar-free drink

These will help you when you hate the taste of CBD.

Which is the best CBD oil for diabetes?

Which is the best CBD oil for diabetesIt’s too difficult to decide which is the best CBD oil for diabetes.

Based on my own experience and the discussion I did with the diabetic people who have used the CBD oil. I have listed the best CBD oils for diabetes below.

  • CBD Oils (Low cost)
  • CBD Tincture (High cost and Highly effective)

Based on your requirement you can choose any of the above one.

Where to buy the CBD oil for diabetes?

Where to buy the CBD oilOnline CBD shops are the best solution for you because, when compared to the offline store’s online shops are having many types of CBD oil at low cost. Based on user’s reviews I found Vers Naturals CBD oil will be the best online sites to buy CBD oil.

If you want to compare and buy cbd oil for your diabetes, refer my cbd oil reviews.

There are other sites on the internet that provide the ranking for top brands of the cbd oil market. You can check the other cbd oil review site here else you can google it and check. The review on that site was given by Julie Ryan along with medical experts Eileen Konieczny knowledge and experience. You can get the idea of where to buy cbd oil for pain, that can apply for diabetes as well.

Does taking CBD oil for diabetes causes any side effects?

Does taking CBD oil for diabetes will occur any side effectsNo, Still there is any proven side effects while you are taking CBD for diabetes.

But commonly CBD using people are saying that they will feel some following side effects.

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Mood changes
  • Diarrhea


As per the statistics 30.3 million people are having diabetes!  And in CBD industry, it is estimated that by 2020, CBD consumer sales will be around 1.15 billion U.S. dollars. So no wonder people are aware of cbd oil benefits for diabetes.

In addition to diabetes, 84.1 million people are having prediabetes too.

It is getting increased early and many of them are don’t know that they are having diabetes.

They are spending about $245 million dollars for the treatments.

Death ratio also increased to 50%.

I will say the best CBD oil for diabetes may help you to overcome severe symptoms and side effects of the condition. By adjusting the CBD oil dosage for diabetes, it is quite easy to get over types of this disease whether it may be for type 1 or type 2.

When compared to the diabetes drugs CBD oil is having very fewer side effects and very low cost as it comes from nature.

So, Hereby I say that CBD oil for diabetes is the best solution for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


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