How To Choose CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

Sometimes our pet animals behave better than the people surrounding us and they have a good understanding of us. We all love pet animals as a company, protection, and entertainment. The bond between humans and pet animals are said to be happened before 10,000 years ago.

Since they share their lifestyle with us some of the problems which occur to human also happens to them.

Now CBD oil is doing a great by relieving some of our human illnesses. As I said we and our pets have a common life and hence that leads to common problems too. The diseases that attack humans also attacking our favorite pets.

So why cannot we share the CBD oil for pets and help them? Yes Now I am going to answer the questions like how should I give and how much CBD oil, brands, products etc. Let’s see below for more details.

Does Your Dog need CBD oil?

Dogs are best friends of humans and recognized as a symbol of loyalty. That’s why they recognized as the first one among pet animals and live along with us in all over the world. Humans we are facing chronic issues like pain, arthritis, diabetes, cardiac disease, cancer etc.

Dogs are also having the same problems I think some of us would have experienced the same in our own pets too. Now CBD oil has started to cure those issues in mankind. Why should we keep it away from dogs? CBD oil is given to lab rats and after test result now we are consuming it.

If that suits mice and humans too why cannot it cure your dog’s disease? Yes CBD oil can beneficial to your favorite pets and dogs. Leading vendors who have started CBD business are now selling special CBD for pets too.

Your dog will not get stoned because we are going to use isolate which is pure CBD only. In fact, CBD oil has the natural curing property to fight against some of the diseases occurring to our pets. Let us see how can we utilize it for our favorite pets at home.

FAQ while giving CBD oil for dogs

There will be question will arise that yes CBD is suitable for dogs but whether it is suitable for my breed. The answer is CBD oil is suitable for all kinds of dogs irrespective of its breed. You can give CBD oil from A to Z all kinds of breeds. Yes, I think there is no breed name starts with Z. CBD oil is not like marijuana and your dog is not going to smoke weeds.

CBD oil is manufactured from industrially grown hemp plants. CBD oil is safer and did not cause any high effects in humans. Hence your dog would not get stoned if it consumed CBD. Rather than that, it will help your dog with its essential nutrients and medical benefits.

Can I give CBD oil to my dog for fracture? Yes, but it can relieve the pain, it will not fix the fracture. But all sorts of pain can be managed with CBD oil.

CBD oil can also be used for diabetes in dogs. It is similar to treating diabetes in humans.

So another query will occur The human CBD oil which I am using right now, Can I give it my dog?. Yeah, you can give and it would not cause any problem. But we recommend that to go with pet CBD products which are specifically designed to feed them.

Also, there are some other factors like size, weight etc to judge the dosage for pets. Let us see what are the things you need to consider while giving them pet CBD.

Serving size of CBD oil

In humans, CBD absorption capacity varies from body to body. Scientists believe it is due to variation in genetics. Humans can eventually find their dosage level by starting from lower dose consumption to reach their optimal level.

As of now the amount of CBD required is calculated based on weight. When it comes to your dogs, if it is larger in size it may require more amount of CBD. Also note that they are smaller than humans, so you cannot use your CBD oil.

Humans can consume 100mg, 200mg concentrations of CBD but we cannot use such to pet because they are too heavy doses for them. It is either your cat or dog both would not require more than 50mg CBD to their body.

It is better if we use the CBD specially prepared for pets. Leading vendors and brands have their own dosage charts and you should consider reading them before you feed your pet. Another point you should remember is Though CBD is a drug supplement it can directly impact and cure your dog’s ailment.

If the dog is currently under treatment this CBD may affect the other medicine too. So, in that case, consult your veterinary physician before trying it.

Best CBD oil dosage for your dogs

Whether it is humans or pets, the dosage is an important part that plays a vital role in healthcare. When it comes to humans, field experts and vendors has given us the strategy that starting from lower doses to experience the power of CBD.

Another possible way suggested to humans is taking CBD oil based on body weight. When it comes to our favorite pets it is recommended to follow by body weight methods. For cats and dogs which are less than or equal to 10 lbs, in pet CBD oil tinctures the minimum dosage to start from is 2 drop which will roughly contain 1 mg CBD in it.

In this attempt, you can find out whether your cat/dog likes it or not. Sometimes it occurs like your pet may like CBD but not the tincture method or it may not like the tasteless CBD product. So this trial will help you to find out whether your pet loves this method or not.

Now if your dog weighs more than or equal to 100 lbs, it may require 20 drops to start with which is roughly 10 mg CBD. What I have said in here both cases is just a starter suggestion. The maximum and average dose may vary to every pet animal because this factor solely depends on its body condition and health.

Here I give you the average and maximum doses which is common for all kinds of pet CBD tinctures. For a 10 lbs dog, average dose starts from 3mg CBD and maximum will be 6 mg in tincture. In case of bigger pets which weigh 100 lbs, the average dose starts from 30mg CBD and maximum will be 50 mg CBD in tinctures.

This may vary according to the type of product and brands. What I have said here above is a common suggestion based on pet  CBD tinctures.

CBD oil for dogs  – Which form of CBD oil can be fed to your dogs?

Since the invention of CBD oil, tinctures are the products which are used high in number. Pet CBD oil comes with oil tinctures which could be helpful in measuring levels. Normally oil tinctures would carry pure CBD oil which does not have any added flavors.

If your pet does not likes to consume that, Flavored oil tinctures are also available in the market. In both tinctures, we need to measure manually and to give the drops in their mouth.

The second option is pet CBD capsules which has the appropriate amount exactly which removes the manual measuring actions. The amount of CBD present in a single capsule is just mentioned in the product labels. It may vary from vendor to vendors.

You can add the CBD capsule in their food and make them consume it. To measure the dosage there is a simple formula.  For 1 lb of weight, 0.25mg of CBD is necessary. Using this formula, you can calculate the CBD needed for your Dog’s daily supplement based on total weight.

The final option is CBD treats, gummies etc. These products are generally coming out as flavored goods and it is designed in such a way to excite your pet to eat them. The ingredients along with CBD which added here are delicious so that your pet gets delighted and enjoys the meal.

The amount of CBD present in treats and gummies is depended on the vendor and you need to apply the same formula I said above, for this too.

Different Brands of CBD oil for pets

Many leading vendors and new businessmen came and invested in this CBD market. So you can buy CBD products anywhere from online to your local outlets. I suggest you purchase from a trusted vendor and you need to do some research to find a better vendor. You can find the best cbd oil brands online.

I have been using CBD oil for my dog from Versnaturals who is known for their best quality. They concentrate only on the full spectrum and it means the little amount of THC will get added. Their products helped me to relieve from joint pain and hip pain.

They are obtaining CBD from dedicated farms in Colorado and also they manufacture in the CO2 extraction process. This makes their product free from pesticides, pollutants and free from any form of impurities.

All of their products are third-party lab tested and comes to market. They also manufacture CBD for pets which comes out as full spectrum oil tinctures for pets. I have my Timp a white pointer dog who is a friendly guy who guards my home.

I am a regular customer of Versnaturals from last year and am buying CBD oil from them for my Timp. They have 240 mg, 725 mg and 1450 mg tinctures in their store which makes it convenient to use and also occurs at a lower cost. Versnaturals deliver their quality products within 2 to 3 days to our home.

How to give CBD oil to your dogs?

When we use CBD oil tinctures we are supposed to have the drops under our tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds before swallowing it. The same method applies to your dogs and cats too. Since both of them love to lick liquid items, probably they will easily take CBD oil also.

But some of them may refuse it since this oil is tasteless or they were not in the right mood to consume it. You can excite your pet by making a small deal like first take CBD oil then you will get your bone or fish. In this way, you can build a habit to them and accomplish our goal.

If the plans with oil tincture feed did not work out you can move for capsules and gummies. Both are favorable options to implement in terms of dosage administration. But you need to make sure your pet did not ignore or wasted the CBD and he/she eats it completely.

You can cut open the capsule and mix the contents in their food. When it comes to treats it is similar to dog biscuits so most of the pets will like to eat them. CBD gummies have attractive flavors and sometimes colors too.

Even people love gummies and it is one of the most googles searched products of last year. So obviously there is a chance that your pet loves it and takes it without hesitation.

How to avoid overdosing your dogs with CBD oil?

Most of the CBD products are designed in such a way it cannot overdose. Even if we slipped a dosage greater than its limit, it would not create any greater harm to animals. The only thing observed is dizziness and more sleep hours recorded.

Humans have the side effect of nausea and vomit in some rarer occasion. But in pet animals so far we had not experienced such patterns. Also, many vendors had dosage patterns and charts to describe how to give it to your pets.

You can make use of them and also you should notice your pet’s behavior after giving it CBD and record your observations. You can give 2 or 3 times pet CBD to them in one day according to need.


For many owners, pet CBD becomes a handy solution to fight arthritis, inflammation, pain and hip dysplasia in their pets. CBD suppresses their fear due to rain, thunder and other similar incidents.

People are telling that CBD for pets has its magic curing property over their health problems. Many pets gain improved immune system and they became active again by using CBD oil as a supplement. We recommend you to consult your veterinarian before feeding CBD to your pets.



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