A Guide to CBD Oil: Usage, Storage and Side effects

Many people have decided that they are going to try CBD oil for its various healing effects it has on the body, but they face one major problem. How to use the product safely while still being able to gain the maximum benefit from it. If this is the situation you are in then don’t worry. Here are some tips that you can use to solve the problem.

The questions that many of you will have is this:

Which is the best way to consume CBD oil?

Since you have done a detailed research before making your decision, you are well aware of the different types of CBD oil available. You can choose from capsules, vape, tincture, and drops. Remember, everybody body is different. The difference is not only in height and weight, but also in medical history. It is very difficult to find two bodies that are identical in all these aspects. That it is often recommended that you find the right way through trial and error.

Most people tend to start with drops as this way allows one to easily measure the dosage. Also, it is one of the fastest ways of absorption. Plus, these drops are sometimes flavored. That makes it easier to consume considering that not all will like the taste. Once they have got the dosage correct they either stay with drops or they move on. Some may move on to capsules while others may prefer Vapes. There are also others who prefer to use capsules or tinctures.

How to decide the dosage?

When it comes to choosing or deciding the right dosage there is no clear path. Below is a part of a rough plan on how to start:

If you suffer from pain and you weigh less than 25 pounds then for none to mild pain you can take 4.5 mg. However, for medium and severe pain you can take 6 mg and 9 mg respectively.

Unfortunately, the best anyone can give is a rough plan. This is because even though they weigh as much as you, the chances of them having the same medical history.

That is why you must start taking CBD oil in small doses for a few days and observe the effects. Remember that you might need some time to notice the effects. Even after taking this dosages for a few days if you do not feel any of the effects, then increase the dosage. But the increase must be small. You must constantly gauge how your body is reacting. This will help you decide which the right dosage is for you.

Storing CBD oil is the problem

There are two ways of storing CBD oil. The first way is to keep in a dark, cool, and dry place. That means this place should not be easily exposed to extreme light or heat. Another thing is that the humidity in this place must be very low. In most cases the dry pantry will serve this purpose.

Another way is to refrigerate the oil. This can extend the life of the oil but there is a disadvantage in this method. That is the oil tends to thicken when you refrigerate it. If this is the case you can always heat it by holding the bottle under some flowing hot water.

Remember there is a carrier oil present along with the CBD oil. In most cases it would be olive oil, MCT oil, and hemp seed oil. So, if you are planning to store the first way then, you should keep it in the same place you store you coconut or olive oil.

How long before CBD oil starts to work and how long before I feel it?

The time taken can be best judged only after you have found the right dosage. If you are taking capsules, then it can take anything from twenty minutes to one or two hours. In case you are taking drops, then you are consuming it sublingually. This way will take around twenty to forty minutes. In the case vape it would take a few minutes for the CBD oil to take effect. This is because Vaping is the fastest way of taking CBD oil.

Possible side effects of taking CBD oil

Even though there are no serious side effects to CBD oil alone, it can have an effect on other medications you might be taking. It works the same as grapefruit. That is grapefruit is good for your health, it can have a negative effect on the other drugs you are taking. That is why you should always consult your doctor before you start taking CBD oil.

If you are worried about suffering from an overdose. Don’t. This is because as of now, there have been no reports of people suffering from serious side effects due to an overdose of CDB oil. That does not mean you drop your guard and take too much of it for one time.

Can I get addicted to it?

The question of addiction has been asked ever since it became common knowledge that CBD oil and marijuana come from the same plant. The compound in marijuana that make people become high is THC. But one must remember that CBD oil and THC are not the same. In fact CBD oil does not any psychoactive properties that THC have. In fact it can sometimes be used to reduce the efficiency of THC.

After thoughts

There are somethings you must also be aware of and that is the number of small players manufacturing and packaging CBD oil. As a result the chances of human error being present is quite high. That is why, you must check to see if the package you have received is not broken or has come with an open seal. This is the best way to keep yourself safe.


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