11 Best CBD Oils for Anxiety & Depression (Reviews 2018)

Looking for the right and the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression? I hope that is the reason why you have here in the first place. I know how difficult is to choose the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression as it is quite hard to pick from a lot of options.

I had been through the same problem before I started to take CBD oil. Then I came with an idea of trying CBD oil on my own and find out how to pick the right one.

But before that.,

You might have thought about, Okay, how do you know these are the best place to get CBD oil for anxiety and depression? What are the factors that made your mind to pick these sites?

I know there’s so many to choose from Vers Naturals, Thecbdistillery, Kats Botanicals and so on…Well, I will explain what are the things that I have considered before I made this list.

Whichever CBD oil supplier that you are preferring to buy from, keep these 4 things in your mind:

  • Source of their products – It solves your first problem, if the sources are natural, then there will be no doubt in the quality
  • Extraction process – Each CBD oil supplier has different method to extract the oil, it is good to know whether their extraction process will help you with best CBD oil for anxiety and depression
  • Cost – Careful. CBD oil cost is a very important factor. It should not be high and very low. It should be affordable
  • Customer support – They should be ready to speak with customers to clear their doubts

Based on the above four-factor I had shortlisted these 11 places as the best one to buy CBD oil online.

I tested several CBD oils for my social anxiety problem as well as for depression. Here I have shared with you guys, the 8 best CBD oil for your anxiety and depression based on my experiences to save your little bit of research.

Please Note:

I cannot guarantee that you will also experience the same results that I met. The information given here is based on my personal experiences and the details collected from the concern authority persons whom I have talked to know their reviews on using CBD oil.

depressed girl

11 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression to choose

Brand MG Potency (Anxiety)
PureKana 300- 1000 4.7
Vers Naturals 300- 1000 4.7
Premium Jane 300- 1000 4.7
CBDistillery 150- 5000 4.6
Vape Bright 100- 600 4.5
Nuleaf Naturals 240- 2425 4.4
CBDPure 100- 600 4.4
Hemp Bombs 300- 4000 4.3
Fab CBD 150- 1200 4.2
CBD Essence 300- 3600 4.1
Green Roads World 100- 3500 4.0


1. Vers Naturals

Vers Naturals CBD oil is my all-time favorite and it stands as no.1 due to its quality and organic products. They are emerging supplier from Colorado and well known for their pure full spectrum CBD oil with no additives.

They sourced from licensed farms of Colorado with the extraction process of CO2 extraction which is the most preferred one

They also offer excellent customer support and it was helpful and I get an instant response regarding my queries

Cost: Range from $38 and it is totally affordable

Their CBD oil review

My experiences

I happen to use CBD oil from Vers Naturals based on reviews got from my friend as the best cbd oil for anxiety and I also checked with several websites where Vers Naturals stands in the list as top brand or best cbd oil. And I had taken it continuously for one week. As their cbd oil is full spectrum which is by the way quite effective. I felt somewhat good results as the end of one week. My anxiety level got reduced and actually it made me to remain calm.

I was struggled to face large audients due to my social anxious state, their CBD oil has helped me to manage my moods and gave the courage to deal with my social anxiety.

Yeah! They are best, I agree with my friend later!

Other user reviews

Mike from new jersey also had an amazing relieving experience from his separation anxiety after tried full spectrum cbd oil from Vers Naturals. I met him on an online forum where he posted his struggles with separation anxiety after he lost their parents at the age of 19. He has been the regular user their CBD oil as he could not go for any other brand as he is getting really well now.

My friend who introduced me with Vers Naturals CBD oil, told that she couldn’t manage her mood swings and sleep problem due to depressed thoughts. She says this product had helped her to control her feeling during mood swings and kind of help with her depressed thoughts as well.


  • 100% Natural and Pure
  • No additives
  • Made from Organically grown cannabis plant from Colorado
  • Their product has THC level less than 0.3%
  • They also offer CBD oil for dogs and cats


  • Effects can be varied with person


2. PureKana

pure kana

Pure Kana provides customers with CBD crystals that can be used in helping people with anxiety and depression. They have both unflavored and flavored products. Under flavored products, the flavors they have are mint and vanilla.

The compounds present are that it relaxes a person and it does it quickly.


My experience with this product

Personal experience

I have used Pure Kana a couple to times at a friend’s house and found that it had a remarkable effect when it came to dealing with my anxiety issues. Not only did they reduce the level of restlessness, but also they helped improve my sleep.

Views of other users

Izzy says that she has been suffering from severe anxiety, but taking prescription medication did not help her. She suffered from the side effects these medicines give and thus, she tried CBD oil. From the moment she tried it, she knew there was no turning back and now she is taking only ten drops.

John who has had bouts with anxiety for a major part of his life and starting using CBD oil from Pure Kana a few months back. The CBD oil has done miracles for him. Not only does it have a calming effect on his nerves, but also enables to prepare and face the whole day.

Ashely says thanks to CBD he is able to sleep better than he has in recent times. He feels that the pills are magical.



The oil is smooth, which means it looks good and also thanks to the favors available it tastes good.

They have improved the extraction process. The seeds are got in the Americas and then they are transported to Europe where the plants are cultivated. Once fully grown these plants are harvested and sent back to the Americas where the company uses CO2 extraction method.


The 300mg CBD mg seems to be a bit costly

  1. Premium Jane

Premium Jane

Premium Jane has recently entered the market, but it has managed to impact the CBD market. They have received a lot of positive and high quality reviews for their product. They have both flavored and unflavored varieties. Under the flavored varieties, they have both Citrus and mint. Surprising the company uses herbal extracts to give flavor to their products.


My experience with this product

Personal experience

I had originally heard of Premium Jane a few months back and found it was a new company. Since I could not find any reviews on the internet, I decided to see if I could test it. Luckily for me, I came across a colleague who was using it.

In fact, I was surprised when I tried a few drops.

Views of other users

Rachel said that she had bought the product a few months back and it arrived a few days later. It helped her handle her anxiety issues and she was satisfied with the taste as well.

Joe has been using this brand to help him treat his social anxiety issues and so far he has been satisfied with the effects it had.

Jackie had suffered a knee injury and it has been bothering her. But thanks to the use of CBD she feels better than when she has felt for a long time.


The taste of their favored products is unbelievable.

They grow their hemp plants in Kentucky farms.

They can ship to all the 50 states.

Their products contain all the cannabinoids that are available in the spectrum.


Not very popular yet.

  1. CBDistillery

CBDistillery Tincture Drop

CBDistillery has fought and won some pretty tough battles against some of the toughest competitors. The product that they provide is not only pesticide free, it is also a non-GMO. The company provides products that contain the whole cannabinoids spectrum. They also send samples to state-certified labs where they are tested and meticulously screened.


Personal experience

I have experienced the oil among the different products that have sold by this company. The potency level of this oil did not match the level given by many other brands. But when it comes to the value one gets for the money paid it is not a bad thing.

Views of other users

Brenda says that the oil has helped in treating her anxiety and she says that she has benefited from it greatly. Thanks to this product she no longer has to take Xanax.

Jess also feels the same way. She says that since she started taking this medication, she has stopped taking Xanax, Buspar, and Prozac. The CBD oil has helped her deal with her anxiety and depression.

Dominic says that using CBD has given more energy along with improving his and helping him treat his knee pain. He has declared that he would use it again and again.


Provides both full-spectrum tinctures as well as CBD isolates

Has joined the National Hemp Association.

Provides customers with innovative products.


The potency of their CBD oil is not up to the mark as many others.

  1. Vape Bright

Vape Bright provides CBD oil in the form of vapes. The company sells fine quality vapes. This can be told by the beautiful amber color of the liquid. It sells products that are totally organic and use only CO2 extraction method to extract the product.


Personal experience

The only time I used a vape when was when I visited a friend a long distance from my home. He told me about Vape Bright and decided to give a try.

I must admit that even though I am not fond of using vape oil the vapor was highly effective.

Views of other users

Rob says that he suffered anxiety so severe that it was turning him into a total wreck. He would first feel nervous and then things went south from that point. However, these things stopped happening once he started taking Vape Bright.


Quality of vape oil is good

CBD content is the oil is high.

The good quality pen that can be easily recharged.


Unfortunately, this vape can only be bought online

  1. Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf's Organic CBD Oil

Being one of the long time manufacturers of CBD oil, Nuleaf Naturals is one of the many brands that is trusted. They have licensed farms located in the state of Colorado where they grow hemp plants. To obtain CBD oil from these plants they use CO2 extraction methods. They make sure that their products do not have any additives or preservatives. Also, to ensure that their products are of the highest quality, they have them tested rigorously in the lab.


Personal experience

Even though this brand has been around for a long time I had not used until recently. I must admit I was surprised. The results we quite good.

Views of other users

According to Liz, she uses it to calm her anxiety and help her get proper sleep. In fact, she prefers this to prescriptions the doctors give her.

Yolanda feels that using CBD oil is far better than drinking alcohol. The medication helps her control the anxiety she feels at social gatherings. It is her secret weapon that has helped her fight anxiety.


The company has the extract tested from the time it is extracted. That is how committed they are to maintain their standards.

The potency of the CBD content is much higher.

They provide only full-spectrum cannabinoid and includes omega fatty acids (3 and 6) along with vitamins, trace elements, and essential oils.



The products tend to be on the costly side.

  1. CBDPure

CBD Pure CBD Oil

CBDPure is one of the few companies that offer good quality CBD products at prices that are highly affordable. They use high quality hemp plants that have been grown in Denmark. They get their high-grade cannabidiol from these plants through CO2 extraction. Also, they give their products to third party labs to have them meticulously tested to ensure that their products meet the required standards.


Personal experience

A casual acquaintance had suggest that I try this drops from CBDpure. I did buy it, but had used it only after I finished my existing brand’s supply of CBD oil. To say the least, I was glad I bought this as I forgot to order my favorite brand beforehand. The effects were good and I intend to buy some more just in case I forget my favorite brand again.

View of other users

Fred has told it has not only with his leg pain, but also helped deal with his anxiety and depression. Only after taking this did he have more energy to do things and that hadn’t happened in a long time.

Mark feels that CBD oil has helped deal with anxiety. He has a habit of starting his day with a milkshake and decided to add the oil to it. It was a decision that he not regretted at all. Thanks to this he no longer needed to take any medication to deal with anxiety.


Quality hemp plants grown in Denmark are used to create CBD oil

Rigorous testing is done in third party labs to ensure quality.

Cost of product is reasonable and the 90 day return policy has no conditions attached.


This product can be bought online.

  1. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Among the CBD brands, one of the most popular brands is Hemp Bombs. This company offers a lot of different CBD oil products. Moreover, they provide their products with interesting flavors. It is one of the recent companies that use hemp plants grown in Europe.


Personal experience

While I was visiting a friend for a long weekend, she suggested that I try this brand. For the last few months she has been using products made by this company.

She was serving tea and other snacks. I decided if I am going to try this CBD oil, I would do it with my tea. She mixed it and we both drank it. We had a plenty of time to kill and so waited for the effects to begin.

I must admit when the effects started I felt completely relaxed. My sleep pattern was not disturbed and felt quite normal when I woke up the next day.

View of other users

Diane said that her anxiety was so bad that it caused her to have panic attacks. However, these attacks stopped once she started taking the CBD oil. It has helped her deal with her anxiety. Plus, she liked the flavors in which the products came in.

Dean fells that even though taking CBD oil has not cured him of his anxiety, it has helped better than he has felt in a very long time. Also, he no longer had any acid fluxes. Thanks to the CBD oil capsules he does not need to take any other medication.


Quality hemp that was grown in Europe.

The product has THC % of 0.

Flavors offered are highly innovative and exciting.


They do not provide full-spectrum cannabinoid.

  1. Fab CBD

Fab CBD Oil

Fab CBD offers its customers full-spectrum cannabidiol oil that is of excellent quality. The hemp plants used during extraction is 100 percent organic and homegrown in Colorado. It guarantees that these hemp plants are non-GMO and are totally free from pesticides.


Personal experience

The experience I have this product was highly impressive. In fact, I am grateful to my friend for introducing this product to me. In fact, the first time I tried this product it was sublingually.

I felt the smell of the oil was a bit strong, but I felt the effects kick in quickly. It took only one hour before I was feeling relaxed and happy. I slept quite peacefully after taking this oil and I don’t remember the last time I slept so well.

Not only that but when I woke up I was able to control my mood swings.

Views of other users

Adam says that even though he has tried CBD products from other companies, his favorite is this. That is because he has to take only a few drops and he can control his anxiety for the whole day.

Taylor feels that taking this CBD oil has helped not only her but also her mother. They both suffered from anxiety and the level of anxiety they feel now is much less when compared to before.


Non-GMO hemp plants are used and the extracts from these plants are pesticide free and are tested by third party labs.

They offer three different flavors

The amount of THC is less than 0.3%


The product is so popular that stocks get depleted quickly.

  1. CBD Essence

CBD Essene CBD Oil

CBD Essence is a company that offers CBD products at prices cheaper than many other brands. However, the brand did not enjoy much popularity as the other brands. They say that the hemp plants used in the extraction of CBD tinctures and oil are grown in Colorado. It has been rumored ingredients like sunflower lecithin can be found in their products. Many users feel that the addition of these ingredients is not necessary.


Personal experience

While going through the blog I heard of the product and decided to try it to see how it is. The first dosage I had with my cup of tea. It provided me with a relaxing sensation and the effects became apparent within a few hours. However, I did not feel anything special and by evening time I felt the need to take my regular CBD oil.

In my opinion, this particular brand is better suited for beginners and people who are experimenting with CBD oil.

Views of other users

Jayden says that he is taking this CBD twice daily. He says it gives a relaxing sensation and he has plans to order some more when his present stock runs out.

Oman says that he is totally amazed by the effect it had on his back pain. He, however, admits that it did not do away with the pain, but the CBD did make it manageable.

Brett says that his CBD oil has helped him control his mood swings and reduce the level of mental irritability.


Test reports by third party labs can be viewed by the user.

Cheaper than other brands.

Per milliliter, the company offers a good quality product.


The company does not have many flavors.

  1. Green Roads World

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads World has become a popular brand worldwide and it has gained the trust of not only CBD users in America, but also across the globe.

The method they use to extract CBD is CO2 extraction method and this helps them preserve the nutrients in their products.


Personal experience

A couple of bloggers from other sites have mentioned this on their site and only after I read a review about it on one of the blogging sites that I follow that I decided to test it.

I wanted to properly test it so I stopped using my regular product. I took this twice and could only feel the effect after the second time. However, the effects were deep and the amount of relaxation I felt was profound.

Views of other users

Mandy says that the product helps treat her anxiety before sleep and that helps her sleep well. She also says that the anxiety she felt was causing her to suffer disturbed sleep.

Kimi says that she suffered from both anxiety and mild depression. However, she felt better after taking CBD oil gummies. She followed the recommended dosage and felt at peace.

Carrie says that she had used gummies from Green Roads World and it helped her deal with her anxiety and stress. She had tried at least four other brands before this one and those brands were not as effective.


Physicians have developed the formula and it was lab tested.

This company can claim to have access to the purest hemp plants that are grown in the USA. This ensures that there is no THC in their products.


Many people may not be able to withstand the smell.

Anxiety and depression. How CBD oil can help treat them?

There are over 50 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Out of these the two most popular ones is THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive compound while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. It has been found that CBD can be used to treat disorders related to pain as well as psychological ones.

The effects CBD has on the human brain

Being an anxiolytic agent, CBD can control the anxiogenic effects that THC will have on the human mind. In fact, the part of the human body that is affected by CBD is the endocannabinoid system. This system controls the cannabinoid receptors through the endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters network.

The endocannabinoid system is the system that helps the body with primary responses such as memory, pain-sensation, and appetite. Along with these three responses it also controls mood along with the exercise-induced euphoria sensation. In short the good feeling that one gets after doing a workout.

It is believed that CBD has an effect on the level of serotonin present in the body. Serotonin is the chemical that plays a major role in the mental health of a human. When the levels of serotonin are low the body starts to experience high levels of anxiety as well as depression.

According to conventional thinking when the serotonin levels become low in a person, he/she must be given SSRIs or serotonin reuptake inhibitors. But it has been found that CBD has the same effect. That makes it both a natural as well as a potent of treating such conditions. However, those who suffer from this condition must first consult their physician before they start taking CBD.

CBD oil’s efficiency has been proven through studies

CBD effects have been studied in animals. These studies the effects CBD had on different parts of the brain such as the midbrain dorsal periaqueductal gray. This is the area of the brain that automates and decides the behavioral responses that the animal gives.

When these parts are stimulated the animals feels intense anxiety, distress and dread. When one starts microinjecting CBD into these regions the ETM, EPM, and VGC start to feel the anxiolytic effects. But this was mediated by the activation of 5-HT1ARs. The CB1Rs activation does not produce it.

There has been a human study that published in 2011. In this study the participants were divided into group and were given 400mg of either CBD or a placebo.

In the results it was found that the participants who took CBD had reported that their anxiety levels reduced while those who were given a placebo did not.

When using CBD to treat anxiety how should one consume it?

There are many ways that one can take CBD oil. But if one is trying it as a way of controlling their levels of anxiety then the best way is to consume it sublingually. Under the sublingually method, one must put a few drops of CBD under their tongue. Then, they must hold it there for a few minutes. At the end of this time one should swallow the drops. The advantages of consuming CBD in this way is that not only one can feel the effects within a short period of time, but the effects are raw and unadulterated.

In case one is planning to use CBD oil in any of their food preparations, they should ensure that the oil is mixed with a fat or lard base. By doing so, one can ensure that the flavor of the oil is evenly distributed within the dish. This will result in the product’s potency increasing. The best options for mixing with CBD oil are dough mixes and batter mixes like the ones used to make cakes or cookies. They can be mixed with oil dressings like the ones used in salads.

One can mix the oil with any beverage. This is the best option for those who seem to be overpowered by the smell given out by these oils. One can add it to juices as well as non-alcoholic drinks. However, that does not mean that they cannot mix it with alcoholic drinks.

It is okay to mix CBD oil with one’s favorite cocktail. However, one must note that the intoxicating sensation one feels will not be enhanced due to CBD.

There is of course another way that one can consume CBD and that is through the use of CBD vape oil. To do this one should have vape oil pen and there are many companies that manufacture this product. One can rest assured that using Vape pens as a means of consuming CBD oil is perfectly legal. This is because doing so will not resulting one becoming high.

The advantages of using a vape pen to consume CBD oil is that it provides instant relief as well as an instant calming effect. For this purpose certain brands may make use of glycerin or vegetable oil or MCT carrier base to enable the CBD oil is highly suitable for the purpose of vaping.

I am suffering from anxiety, how do I decide the dosage?

The answer to this question has never been a straight one. In when it comes to deciding the standard dosage for CBD oil, there can be any other topic that has debated as much. The main reason for this is that one cannot guarantee that effects of taking certain amount of a CBD oil product. Also the effect of one product can vary from person to person is both intensity and degree.

So if one wants to find out which is the best dosage for them, then one will have be patient as one has to do trial and error before they can find the dosage that suits them. However, there are certain steps that one can take:

  • Make the beginning doses are small: When one is going to start using CBD oil, they should start by taking small amount of it. This is to ensure that the body has the required time to adjust to the CBD. Also, it is to ensure that one does take too much CBD when they are starting.

  • Amount must be increased gradually: If one did not feel any of the desired effects after a few days then one can increase the dosage. However, the increase must be small. The reason for this is that body’s endocannabinoid system needs time to adjust to the CBD oil. Once the amount has been increased, one should take the new dosage for a few days and then increase again. This is because the effects of CBD oil are very mild. That means one will have to let the compound slowly build up in one’s body. This build up will ensure that one can feel the effect.

  • Ensure that that one observes how their body reacts and the effects they feel: Observing how the body reacts to CBD oil. This will help one ensure that the reason why they are taking CBD is addressed. The effects may not be immediate, but there will be a point beyond which one can decide whether the problems is be addressed or not.

  • Check for side effects: It is known that CBD does not produce some of the negative side effects many drugs produce. These effects include diarrhea and nausea when one does an overdose. But there is a chance that CBD oil can interact with the other medications one is taking. When the interaction happens the effects of the other medication.

  • Talk to your physician before you start: There has been many positive reviews given on CBD. These reviews praise it as a potent anxiolytic as well as many more. But that does not mean one should not start taking CBD without consulting their physician. In fact one is strictly advised from starting to take CBD without their physician’s approval.


There is proof that taking CBD oil has had a positive effect on many people’s lives. That too thanks to the compound’s natural abilities. The compound can help people who are suffering from one of the most threatening and disabling mental disorders - anxiety and depression.

The effect these disorders have on people has forced many of them to be desperate and in their desperation they are willing to try anything that will help them feel better.

It has been proven that the way CBD oil has be managing not only the different levels of depression but also anxiety is both unique and versatile. One can administer CBD through some of the simplest ways. That is why, many consider CBD oil to be one of the new revolutionary breakthroughs that have happened recently in psychological research.

CBD had been producing a few billions of dollars in the United States of America. That too only in marketing and production.



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