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CBD and I have a long history which can be dated back to the year 2016, everyone would have gone through an incident which sets the scene for their future.

The incident which impacted my life was the cancer present in my friends’ mother’s life and how CBD aided for her to have a painless last few remaining days and a peaceful death.

This incident made me aware of the power of knowledge because there are many who are suffering with fatal illness due to the lack of knowledge of the medicines available for them. And as a Journalist I truly believe nothing conveys and spreads knowledge better than words and that’s how I started writing about CBD so that I can do my part to spread the awareness which will help millions of people like my friends’ mother.

Words and I have a deep bond, it’s a tool which I used to convey my message to people and what I want to make them understand. My deep passion towards using words and putting them in the right way to encode a message to the people of things I want them to know and what they want to know is what which set up a job as a content creator and worked as a Producer in a Television industry then a Journalist and later a Health Practitioner.

These jobs paved me towards procuring a Job as a full-time writer for a CBD company which helped to learn more about the medicine which I wanted to write more about so that I can take this information which can make a huge difference to people’s life.

This long road got me to this point where I write blogs about the glory of CBD. My job with writing for CBD is vast, I create content for a particular brand of CBD if that’s what my readers need to aid their ailments and as the experience with CBD is vast, I can help you to understand CBD a lot better and help you with choosing the right CBD which meets up with your needs. I create which justifies your product and websites and your customers. I am flexible to creating content customized according to individual needs.

I have written different contents for CBD and how it can be used for different diseases and as a pain reliever. The benefit of this Cannabis extract is vast, I can keep writing about the different entities surrounding this medicine.

CBD as a Pain reliever
CBD that instigates Weigh loss
CBD’s fight against chronic diseases
CBD to cure Insomnia
CBD VS Anxiety

I can go on and on if I must talk about the benefits of CBD, but there are also several issues surrounding CBD.

The legal issue with can be very confusing and as a consultant for CBD, I am also here to put those doubts to rest.

There are also issues when choosing the right CBD product which match up with individual needs, with the experience I have gained about CBD I am very much willing to give some advice and make some recommendation.

I can answer all these questions in just one content, I would like to answer all these questions with individual content so I needed a Channel where I can project all the content and message I want to deliver and for to recommend the right CBD product for people to acknowledge them, this thought process lead to the decision of creating a website to post my blogs so all my contact is not scattered in different place but at one.

And this is how my new website “cellisolatecbdoil.org” is born!

But creating a blog website and run is not an easy task, it can’t be fuelled only by my passion but its need financial support as well so I do affiliation with CBD vendors and suppliers from who I get a complementary sum for promoting their product in my blog [CellIsolateCBDOil] but this does not mean I prioritise the product of the people who pay me more, my recommendation will always will justify my audience’s needs.

CellIsolateCBDOil will be run in the line of fairness, there won’t be any leeway for unjust activities. To vendors who has the same passion as me to be able to supply their CBD product to people in need please contact me if you want your product to be promoted in CellIsolateCBDOil.

As I wish not to bombard my readers with advertising of different CBD product which will be very will perplex by readers more , I do allow only limited advertising for CBD products and you can look at our advertising page and if you think your product will be the right match for my audience and they do have value then please feel free to approach me so that I can bring out your product to appeal to my readers needs.

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Updated on: December 5, 2018.